How to be Involved

As a parent you want to be involved in your student’s education but you also want them to develop more independence in middle school. How can you be involved in the school in a way that keeps you connected but also respects your student’s evolving boundaries?

Or maybe you are a community member who wants to be involved in education but you are not sure how.

There are a number of ways to be involved!


Field Trips

We can always use parent chaperones for our field trips. A perfect way to experience the Howard Street way with your student.


Enrichment Academy

We have our own after-school programs. Maybe you want to be a club advisor and teach something you love to young people. Activities and clubs run daily!

  • Monday - 3:30-4:45

  • Tuesday 3:30-4:45

  • Wednesday 1:00-3:30

  • Thursday 3:30-4:45

  • Friday 3:30-4:45

We have three sessions a year (Sept-Nov, Jan-Mar, April-June). Volunteer to teach one a week for a few months.