May the Fourth Be with You!

If you don’t know, I am a huge Star Wars fan. Have been since I first saw Star Wars the original movie at a drive in in a thunderstorm with my parents and sister. Maybe the giant thunder booms during the attack on the Death Star made the movie have a great impact than it might otherwise have had. Maybe it was laying in the back of the Ford pick up truck bed with the canopy on and a bed that my dad had put in the back so my sister and I could lay down and eat popcorn at the movies. Maybe it was the story of individuals defeating a mighty empire. Who knows. Even after all this time and the terrible prequels (don’t get me started), I still love it, and I share that love with students. So if you come into my office or classroom you will see Yoda somewhere and various items all over mostly given to me by students.

I mention this because Star Wars Day (May 4th) is always near our annual professional development day in which all the staff starts learning about our incoming sixth graders. It is our first time to see them on paper, their demographics, their schools, their academics so far. This year 28 different elementary schools are represented including a number of private schools. Our students are coming from all over Salem-Keizer to join us!

This is super exciting for me as it is the beginning of the next cycle. Eighth graders are thinking about how to end the year on a strong, positive note, and the incoming students have signed their acceptance offers for next year. To add to this year’s excitement is our upcoming move.

At long last after 22 years and nearly 2 years of planning and working on financing, we are nearing the construction phase. The next big step of our journey is almost here! We will soon have our new facility!

I hope you will join me tomorrow (May 3) between 12-2 to see the space before it is renovated. Just drop in and walk around and see what is and what could be. Feel the beginning of the next cycle of our journey as we rise like the phoenix we are (or maybe the Rebel Alliance?) in our new space!

May the Force and the Fourth be with You! CTracy

Christina Tracy