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We need your help!

Howard Street needs your help!

We have been working on costs for our new space and one thing is clear. Money is tight, but one new classroom that is very important to me is our new dedicated science lab. In our current space, 7th and 8th grade science is taught in Rm 269, a science laboratory/classroom designed long ago. The room is set up in long banks of lab areas with stools for students to sit on. It is not a great teaching environment for students or teachers to say the least. It was designed as a laboratory area with an adjoining classroom (thus the door inside the classroom to another South High classroom). But when space became tight at Leslie Junior High and later South, we could only get access to one section with the lab space so we have used it for the past two decades. Despite ventilation issues (the hood does not really work all that well), electrical issues (multiple hot places blow the circuit) and plumbing troubles (leaking sinks run into the ceiling of my classroom), we have made it work.

Well, no more just getting by!

Enter 625 Marion St NE and a 900 sq foot dedicated science lab. STEM teachers will have their own classrooms for instruction in new space where they will be able to teach both science and math content before taking their whole class to the lab. For the first time in our history, sixth graders will have access to a lab environment and we will be able to add labs to all grades but especially sixth and seventh. It is our ultimate goal that there will be at least one lab for each science unit (probably more) and will be able to use the area for math/engineering labs as well.

But we need to fully fund the lab. Right now we have built in a lab with a teacher’s station and all the basics - wall electricity, proper ventilation, water. We can bring in tables and create the science lab but I want it to be a true lab. Thus, I want eight built-it student islands with room for four people at each island. Each student island/station would have its own sink, its own electricity, and a bit of storage in the island, thus creating a more traditional lab. All fundraising the rest of this year will be for this one part of the project. We have scaled back as much as we can and we need your help to make a higher level of the lab possible. Please donate to this project - every dollar helps! Help us make the dedicated science lab a reality! ~CTracy

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