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Supporting education and innovation.

Our teachers and support staff have trained to be education professionals. Thus, we are curriculum creators, reflective learners of instructional practices, and innovators of assessment. We use the Oregon state standards to guide our teaching. Many of our lessons are teacher-created and modified to fit our students’ interests and needs. Read more


Long before STEM became a popular acronym, our first E - Einstein - has been used to represent our math and science programs. Our focus is hands-on learning. Read More →



Our second E - Ellington - represents our visual and performing arts programs. The arts are not electives; they are a core part of our program. Read More →



Our third E - Esperanza - represents our culture and language programs. Spanish and our Humanities programs focus on celebrating diversity and fostering communication. Read More →



Finally social-emotional learning is a core component that we call EMBER (excellence, mindfulness, be creative, empathy, and responsible risks). Community service and helping others is essential to the Howard Street way. Read More →


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.


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Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.
— Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize-winning physicist (more likely William Bruce Cameron)

How to you measure innovation? How about creativity? Student happiness?

Not everything can be measured but here are the numbers for all of those who want the data.