Supply List

Doing a little back to school shopping? Here is our 2019-2020 supply list. Shop local or use and select Howard Street as your charity to earn money for the school from the comfort of your home.

Taking Care of Business Day

Come in on Aug 19 from 10am-2pm for early check-in. Pay your school fees ($75) to receive your planner and your homework folder. All fees pay for classroom supplies including printer paper and ink, drama scripts/music, art supplies like paint, trifold boards and more.

Scholarships are always available.


Our yearly calendar is available but be prepared to be flexible as our construction schedule evolves.

During demolition, asbestos tile was discovered and abated but adding to our timeline of completion. Thus, we are working with Tokyo University to hold class in that location in the month of January. More details to follow.

This does NOT change our calendar days, just our location at this time.

Remember - First Day of school - Aug 26 (6th graders)

First Day of school - Aug 29 (all students)